The Dirty Mops offers unparalled synergy of sound and lyrics in every one of their tracks. A trio whose hunger for music constantly rages in their veins; as evident in their relationship with music that goes way back . Their music is a flawless mix of garage, proto-punk, rock 'n' roll, grunge, surf, proto-rap and psychedelia...


From grooving rhythms, wild guitar solos to lyrics that latch on metaphors of life, this is a band that is mentally ready for decades ahead with their abundance in style and attitude. They can even concoct a range of effects to its optimum, reeling you into vivid reveries. 


The creation of their tracks revolves around their ultimate statement of life perception. They exude messages through wittily crafted lyrics, bound to evoke your thoughts and feisty riffs that can send even the most tamed audience, resonating with the music.


What they want is to create and to share with their public..




bass, voice


guitar, voice